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Catcalling campaign Leipzig

On behalf of Stadt Leipzig – Ordnungsamt
Period 2023
  • Conception
  • Creation

No room for catcalling! Initiated by the youth parliament and in cooperation with the public order office of the city of Leipzig, we are getting loud together. Loud against sexual harassment in public spaces and loud for safe routes for everyone! Our task here was to conceptualize and design a poster campaign that draws attention to the issue of catcalling with four different poster motifs and meaningful claims.

Show the problem


Unwanted sexual comments, whistling or suggestive gestures in public spaces are known as catcalling and often lead to fear and discomfort among those affected. Women in particular are the target of this assaultive behavior. In a multi-stage process involving anonymous surveys with those affected and content analysis workshops, we worked with stakeholders from the City of Leipzig's public order office to develop four claims that are aimed directly at the perpetrators and address situations in which those affected sometimes find themselves on a daily basis.

Giving a visible voice

Our solution

The campaign is particularly loud due to the direct claims aimed at the perpetrators. The claims are graphically accompanied by four different motifs that use a reduced design language and eye-catching colors to depict the spatial restrictions of those affected. The aim: to raise awareness and encourage a rethink - for a safe city for everyone.

“With the motifs of our campaign, we are addressing the consequences for those affected in a way that is recognizable to every passenger. The focus is on subliminal, physical, verbal or other non-physical forms of sexual harassment in public spaces”

Heiko Rosenthal – Mayor and Councillor for Environment, Order and Sport of the City of Leipzig

Reaching the goal together

Learnings and insights

For us designers, interdisciplinary work with stakeholders from different specialist areas is not only particularly valuable, but also indispensable when it comes to sensitive topics such as this. In the joint workshops, we combined our respective skills and experiences, learned from each other and came up with a result that aims to involve, raise awareness and unite people.

Direct contact for Illustration & Campaigns

Franziska Wander

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