We want you to grasp what matters! We’re an inter­disciplinary team of designers, consul­tants, and planners who love to create brands, campaigns and exhi­bition projects from con­cep­t to imple­mentation.

Who are you? What do you offer? We love helping brands find their voice. Having a corporate identity gives your company self-confidence! We create visual and linguistic guidelines while helping you clarify your vision and mission statement. After launch, we stay by your side to ensure that your brand remains fresh and up to date!
We offer exhibition design for museums, galleries, and all places where something can be exhibited. Watch us turn a graphic concept into a complete structural implementation! We'll also take care of the accompanying exhibition marketing or catalogs.
We love illustration: Whether illustrative branding, character design, infographics, illustrating assets for explainer videos, or something else!
We design user interfaces for interactive information: apps, websites, and webshops. We also create barrier-free media content for exhibitions and public spaces.
Your environment is constantly communicating with you. Here, we effectively stage spaces: for knowledge transfer in exhibition spaces and museums, as a marketing backdrop, or an entire world of experience in amusement parks and zoological gardens.
... combine playful and didactic elements to impart knowledge and boost learning success. We develop individual solutions for educational trails, museums, leisure parks and zoological gardens.
Get the message across! Print, digital or multi-media, we work with you to develop a campaign concept that will reach your target group wherever they get their information.
We design and set layouts for print products from two to many pages: Magazine or newspaper, image brochure or annual report, product or exhibition catalogue. Barrier-free as standard.

Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden

Special Exhibition Out of the Box


Rebranding ESCHE Museum

NABU Naturschutzstation Biberhof Torgau

Wanderausstellung Elbebiber

Ordnungsamt (Leipzig)

Catcalling Kampagne

Natura 2000

User Experience Walderlebnispfad Gera

Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe

Scenography land of the beaver

Landratsamt Forchheim

Lernstationen Wisentzentrum

Zoo Leipzig

Ark for the protection of species

Serengeti Park

Learning stations species conservation

Kulturkampagne Leipzig

campaign concept and creation

DASA Arbeitsweltausstellung

Event and exhibition marketing


Rebranding and Screendesign

tiptoi Quiz

Branding and Illustration

LOFFT Leipzig

25 years poster campaign

Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg

Struwwel­peter special exhibition

ASL Schlossbetriebe

campaign for special exhibition

Schloss Augustusburg

Rebranding Die Sehenswerten Drei

Stadthafen Leipzig

Rebranding und Relaunch Website

LOFFT Leipzig

Relaunch Website

Landesverband der Freien Theater in Sachsen

Branding conference of visions


Corporate Design and Full Service

Amt für Stadtgrün und Gewässer (Leipzig)

World Canals Conference branding and communication

Koordinierungsstelle Chancengleichheit Sachsen

Rebranding and Language Guide

Amt für Stadtgrün und Gewässer (Leipzig)

Our park – fair together

Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung (Leipzig)

Unser Auftrag Euer Zuhause

Dezernat Kultur (Leipzig)

Organize sustainably brochure

Amt für Umweltschutz (Leipzig)

Annual climate protection report

Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst

signage system and integrated visitor communication

Topf & Söhne

Traveling exhibition Euthanasia Crimes

Deutscher Tierschutzbund

Developing a modular sign system

Landkreis Zwickau

Brochure Region of Inventors

Zoo Leipzig

orientation system temporary exhibition dinosaurs

Der Traumzauberbaum

modernizing illustrations

Museum für Druckkunst

Learning stations for an interactive museum

tiptoi Rebranding

Extensive Packaging and Information Design

Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Soziales

Impfkampagne Ich hab’s getan!

Physiotherapiepraxis Peggy Opitz

full graphic services business communication

GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst

Exhibition Design of CULTURAL AFFAIRS


exhibition graphics Stop and Go

Amt für Umweltschutz (Leipzig)

Campaign "Schüss Plastik"

Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing

Destination branding for the city and region

Zoo Leipzig

South American flavored Edutainment

Schloss Waldenburg

Curation and Exhibition Design of THE ORGAN

Museum für Druckkunst

Exhibition Design Druckkunst 1919

Zoo Leipzig

Learning stations and exhibition design

Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

Staging spatial typography

Amt für Stadtplanung (Leipzig)

Multi-part brochure INSEK2030


Brand Strategy and Rebranding

cityflitzer Leipzig

Branding and cross-media launch campaign

RWS Unternehmensgruppe

Rebranding and communications


High quality product catalogue

Saale Unstrut

Branding World Heritage Region

1000 Jahre Kaiserdom

Exhibition design for sacred and profane spaces