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Ark for the protection of species

On behalf of Zoo Leipzig GmbH
Period 2022–2023
Exhibition construction mimikry UG
Media stations VJU: lighting, Studio Bosco
  • Exhibition design
  • Concept
  • Scenography

Another milestone in the master plan Zoo der Zukunft has been implemented: The Species Protection Ark. Here, visitors are presented with multimedia presentations of Leipzig Zoo's species conservation projects. The impressive experiences are not only intended to inform, but also to motivate people to take action because of the comprehensible connections with their own everyday world.

Species protection as a mission

Task and approach

Our assignment: To design the entrance to the immersive multimedia experience inside the Ark with educational content. In the process, we develop both the didactic concept and the multi-sensory implementation, including exhibition planning, in our usual close cooperation with the zoo's educational department.

Inspire your own actions

Didactic concept

The declared aim of the learning stations: To educate children and adults in a low-threshold way about the connections between species conservation and their own actions. The entire exhibition therefore uses concrete everyday situations as examples to inspire active action.

Making self-efficacy tangible


Visitors discover interesting facts and fun facts in five room situations. In the walk-through area, infographics developed by us vividly convey complex facts so that the information can also be quickly grasped in passing. The knowledge can be deepened in thematically independent rooms. Information becomes comprehensible through texts, infographics, exhibits and hands-on stations. Specially designed - analog and digital - play stations complement the offerings for the youngest visitors. Digital feedback stations with questions and concrete tips for their own actions serve for self-reflection.

Be flexible and informed


The existing space situation and the project structure with different trades present us with organizational tasks: Listed rooms, in which various structural interventions change the circumstances and thus our possibilities, require from us and our implementation partners a high degree of flexibility in the schedule chains and precise implementation.

Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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