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Scenography Adventure World South America

On behalf of Zoo Leipzig GmbH
Period Since 2017 
Realization ScheinWelt, Leipzig


  • Scenography
  • Scenery Construction
  • Landscape Immersion

Leipzig Zoo is one of the most modern and innovative zoos worldwide. The 'Zoo of the Future' concept demonstrates species-appropriate animal husbandry that provides a unique experience for zoo guests. Since 2016 we have been actively contributing to the visual landscape of Leipzig Zoo to ensure that visitors understand the animals and their habitats with all their senses and are still enthusiastic (or precisely because of it).

„Immersive landscapes offer great scope for affective learning and add important dimensions to attractive leisure activities.“

Jon Coe in „Landscape Immersion – Origins and Concepts“

Immerse, experience and understand

Scenography and set construction

Animals, paths, gastronomy, sanitation. Materials, surfaces, designs, and colors: the authentically and lovingly designed South America world at Leipzig Zoo not only shows animals in their home environment but also takes people on their journey. This impressive 360-degree experience inspires, which in turn creates the willingness to absorb informative content encouraging a lasting, emotional conviction that nature and animals are worthy of protection.

Walls tell stories

Facade painting and murals

Path and guest guidance is an essential topic for discussion in the extensive South America complex. On the one hand, it is about good signage to ensure that orientation is as easy as possible. On the other hand, it is also about upgrading areas without animal lookouts and unsightly farm roads for visitors. Façade paintings are fantastic for this: They are inexpensive and can be implemented quickly, create aesthetically entertaining added value, and are popular photo motifs (also for further use in social networks).

Where the wild
animals live

Enclosures and signs

In principle, the animal enclosures at Leipzig Zoo are thought through by architects in close coordination with biologists. Animal welfare and natural habitat design are top priorities. Nevertheless, in the South American enclosures, we contributed to the aesthetic experience for the pleasure of the visitors with scenographic and decorative embellishments. Of course, following the guidelines of being species-appropriate, mechanically safe, and non-intrusive to the wellbeing of the animals. We design for the premise of strengthening the immersive experience of the guest to increase learning motivation and efficiency.

Lunch break
at the Hacienda

Catering complex

So many impressions, so many experiences - it is clear that visitors also need a break to strengthen themselves. For example in the Hacienda: the largest gastronomic complex in the South American world. Snack bars, rest areas, and sanitary facilities are integrated into the overall look of the theme world, thus creating the ambiance of having an authentic South American siesta - even if you bring your own lunch.

complete everything

Poster design

Just like facade paintings, posters beautify paths and walls. They are inexpensive, flexible, and indispensable in scenographic design. Their popularity as a photo motif has positive effects for dissemination in social networks. We even produced our South American animal posters as purchasable prints! Now every guest can take a piece of zoo memory home with them while also contributing to species protection in the process. Interested? Then please right this way

„South America continues to grow: The Tierra del Fuego theme world will be the new home for Humboldt penguins and seals from 2022.“

Online article from the city of Leipzig

Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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