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Interactive Educational Installations Zoo Leipzig

On behalf of Zoo Leipzig GmbH
Period Since 2016
  • Learning Stations
  • Edutainment
  • Exhibition Design

The Leipzig Zoo is one of the most modern and innovative zoos in the world. The 'Zoo of the Future' concept combines species-appropriate animal husbandry and unique experiences for zoo guests. Since 2016, with our various learning stations, we have been helping to ensure that a visit to the Zoo is more than just shallow entertainment: Playful, lovingly staged information elements inspire sustainably and sharpen the understanding of species and environmental protection in everyday life.

Experience, Play, Understand

Learning through Edutainment

Edutainment means the combination of education and enter­tainment that aims to increase motivation to learn and make learning more successful. Educational institutions such as Zoo Leipzig use this approach to sensitise visitors to the protection and conser­vation of animal species and habitats. Instead of explana­tory panels that always look the same, there are now varied, interactive, multi-­sensory learning games to convey content for young and old.

"The team at ungestalt knows exactly how to communicate educational content in a playful manner and equip authentic theme worlds."

Johannes Becker, construction manager at Leipzig Zoo

From Pantanal to Patagonia

Interactive Educational Installations South America

In 2018, the first section of the World of Experience South America opened. The habitats Pantanal, Pampa, and Patagonia are home to their naturally occurring animal species, which we bring closer to visitors with six interactive educational installations. "The path through nature to an abandoned settlement" is the narrative dramaturgy that the overall design of the adventure world follows. We also played a key role in the construction of the scenery and the scenography (full case here).

"South America is growing: the Tierra del Fuego theme world will be a new home for Humboldt penguins and seals by 2022."

Online article from the city of Leipzig

On the Roof of the World

Interactive Educational Installation Himalaya

In 2017, the Himalayan Rockscape opened, home to snow leopards, red pandas, and northern bald ibis. We conceived, designed, and built four interactive educational installations that integrate into the overall natural design of the themed world. Regional-cultural design elements such as the impression of Tibetan prayer wheels, the construction of the roof shingles, and the use of authentic characters and symbols round off the learning content scenographically. 

From a Land
Down Under

Koala House Interactive Educational Installations

2016 the Koala House opened. We con­ceived, designed, and built an interactive educational installa­tion that integrates into the existing aboriginal facade design of the new building complex. The interactive, multi-sensory prepa­ration of learning content was achieved, among other things, through a eucalyptus-­smelling station, a hot-wire game that shows the everyday dangers koalas face, and several discovery flaps that convey the most important information in the form of a question-­and-answer game.

Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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