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Dinosaur Adventures in the Zoo Leipzig

On behalf of Zoo Leipzig
Period 2021
Realization ScheinWelt, Leipzig
  • Design
  • Structural implementation

For the first time, Leipzig Zoo is shedding light on the world of extinct dinosaurs - also a nod to today's species extinction. The special exhibition The Gigantic Dino Adventure shows 13 lifelike, animatronic primeval lizards. In addition, there is a 42-meter, or 4.2 billion-year, timeline that informs visitors about the origin of life on Earth. A brochure provides the facts to take home. We are responsible for the design and construction of all elements accompanying the exhibition. The challenge is to give the exhibition an individual look while doing justice to the zoo's corporate design. The focus is on connections between the primeval lizards and animals living in Leipzig Zoo. In the end, information panels with their own illustrations, fresh color scheme and new icon language are created. So no dinosaur remains unexplored!

Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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