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On Behalf of ESCHE
Period 2023–2024
  • Corporate Design
  • Branding

Machine details, countless textures and a colorful place of the traditional and modern textile industry: the ESCHE.
The new brand architecture is created in a workshop and the Esche Museum becomes the ESCHE – a place of encounter and new connections, of learning and participation. On the basis of this new structure, we develop a corporate design that gives ESCHE more shine through a reduced but modern design and invites visitors to rediscover the diverse range of offers.



Stitch by stitch

Our Approach

In the first workshop, our designers worked with the team from Limbach-Oberfrohna to develop a new brand architecture, which in future will consist of the umbrella brand Das ESCHE and the three sub-brands ESCHE Museum, ESCHE Lab and the ESCHE Forum. The visual design of the brand is based on a modern word and figurative mark, which is supplemented in the sub-brands by the name of the respective department. While the umbrella brand functions in classic black on white, the sub-brands, which regularly draw attention to exhibitions in the museum or workshops in the lab, act as color accents in the corporate design.

The We works!

Learnings and insights

It's always better together! Through the joint workshop and regular meetings with people working in different areas of ESCHE, we were able to capture a wide range of opinions and perspectives and find out what is important to both local people and those outside the area in order to become aware of the ESCHE projects planned for the future.

Portrait Ivo Zibulla

Direct contact for Consultancy & Branding

Ivo Zibulla

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