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Destination Branding for Leipzig Region

On behalf of Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
Period 2008–2020
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The Leipzig region is booming as a tourist destination for private and business travel. For years, one guest record has followed the next. Tourism has become an important economic factor, and the trend is still rising. However, this has not always been the case. The magnetic attraction of the city and region is the result of excellent destination management by Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (LTM). From 2008 to 2020, we have been supporting LTM in the implemen­tation of a wide range of measures - we are sometimes a creative partner with fresh ideas and sometimes an efficient service provider with attention to detail.

This is one of the value propositions

of destination marketing

To make a geographical place a destination - a destination where tourism thrives - you have to give it meaning. Meaning emerges through identity, moving storytelling, and outstanding services. Leipzig's unique thematic positioning and plentiful offerings are received by visitors very well. Leipzig has incomparable value and the magnetic attraction of a remarkable destination.

"We have succeeded over all these years with our marketing activities, to raise the profile of Leipzig as a travel destination and to arouse the interest among domestic and foreign tourists."

Volker Bremer, Managing Director LTM, LVZ article from 07 January 2019

Leipzig? Da will ich hin!

Attention-Grabbing Campaigns

Destinations are known because they have built up a higher level of attrac­tive­ness through services, not the other way around. If attraction and a strong image are already present - as in the case of the Leipzig Region - raising awareness through outdoor advertising in defined markets can pay off. As a creative partner and initiator, we have implemented several single-channel, thematically focused campaigns for the Leipzig Region in recent years. Language and design became increasingly "edgier" and "provocative" in the process of driving the forward-moving image of the city and region.

"ungestalt - that means creative ideas, efficient implementation from consultation to concept to graphics, and personal support. Perfect!"

Sandra Brandt, Head of Department, Leipzig Region, LTM GmbH

Public Transportion Campaign for "Für Kurzaussteiger“

Now and then we feel the urge to escape the bustle of the city for a few days, but wonder about ''how'' and ''where''. The colourful campaign "Für Kurzaus­steiger“ provides the solution: At train stations, in suburban trains and trams in Leipzig, Dresden, and Erfurt, the motifs draw attention to exciting getaway destinations in the region of Leipzig. The cheerful, eye-catching illustration style addresses a wide array of target groups, can easily be expanded with new motifs and can be flexibly adapted to different advertising formats. Due to the positive response, the campaign will be expanded in the following year with new motifs and shown in selected cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Campaign "Next Stop: Leipzig!"

Hip cities understand each other across national borders: Our illustration for the campaign "Następny Przystanek: Lipsk" (Next Stop: Leipzig!) adorned rental bicycles and public buses in Wroclaw and Katowice, Poland, in summer 2020. Colorful, versatile, and full of exciting discoveries - the illustration conveys this special image of Leipzig to young Poles (the target group of the campaign). At the same time, a Leipzig article appeared in the culture magazine ultramaryna. Let the hype begin!

Campaign "Leipzig Misses You!"

In the pandemic year 2020, it was inappropriate to run attention-grabbing adverti­sements to attract people to Leipzig in droves. To ensure that external communi­cation could still occur, it was necessary to demon­strate ingenuity. With the campaign "Leipzig Misses You" (Leipzig misses you), Leipzig residents could send colorful greetings from their city of hearts to the world. In addition to limited-­edition stamps for analog mail, we created postcard motifs that people could individually design online and then send in analog form. The best part? Not only could you send a piece of intimacy with the cards, but you were also helping Leipzig's cultural scene at the same time. The profits were donated to the Leipziger Kultur­fallschirm, a project that supported local cultural workers affected by the pandemic. 

Nationwide direct mailings

Postal mailing is a high-risk direct marketing measure. The unit costs are high, and so is the throwaway impulse of the recipient when they open their letterbox over­flowing with advertising. But if the mailing is properly conceived and designed and is convincing at first glance, the risk is worth it. That's the case with our Christmas mailings for the Leipzig region: Charming cover illus­trations combined with Saxon dialect. Here we use humour as the key to emotion: The first glance, followed by a smile, the information is then perceived, and the message sinks in.

Together for the Leipzig Region

Findings and Outlook

Many years of cooperation create smooth project communication - we know our clients, and they know what they can rely on. At the same time, it is our indispensable task to keep a close eye on their developments and - as best we can - on the entire sector communi­cation. As the office in charge of the Leipzig region, the LTM rightly always expects initiative, impulses, and ideas in order to promote the special features of our destination to potential guests in an eye-catching way.

Direct contact for Campaigns & Print

Claudia Haase

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