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Campaign Kurfürst mit Weitblick

On behalf of A/S/L Schlossbetriebe gGmbH
Period 2021–22
  • campaign conception
  • Media planning
  • exhibition marketing

The magnificent state exhibition Kurfürst mit Weitblick and many accompanying events in the festival year 2022 celebrate this event. Paintings, sculptures and historical objects impressively convey circumstances of the Kurfürst, construction of the landmark as well as daily court life in the Renaissance. Within the framework of a tender for the palace association ASL Schlossbetriebe, we were awarded the contract for the design, planning and implementation of the entire advertising campaign for the special exhibition.

Promote a national exhibition


Our task: to bring culture enthusiasts from the major cities of Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz to Augustusburg. We take over the media planning within the available media budget, define and design all advertising measures. For this, we develop an exhibition title and a striking key visual as the basis for exhibition marketing.

Clear forms, clear language

Campaign design

The key visual is composed of a picture motif and graphic ornament. The image motif shows the builder of Augustusburg Castle: Elector Augustus of Saxony. In addition, his wife Electress Anna of Saxony is also depicted. The graphic ornament is borrowed from the vaulted ceiling of the castle chapel - in keeping with the ideal of Renaissance architecture with its adherence to symmetry and strict proportions. The title deliberately uses Elector to delineate the baroque personality August the Strong. Farsightedness is used ambiguously: the visionary attitude of the Elector and the lofty location of the palace.

Advertising formats and souvenirs

Exhibition marketing

In addition to the classic canon of exhibition marketing (posters, invitations, ads in magazines and OoH advertising space), we also reach potential visitors in unusual ways: In-app marketing and radio advertising expand our media services portfolio. A nice free skate for us: designing deliciously princely souvenirs to match the exhibition marketing.

Key visual becomes branding

Extension and outlook

In the course of the project, we are asked to develop our own corporate design for the comprehensive events of the festive year. Here, we concentrate on the essentials: we take the graphic element and the characterful font from the special exhibition and set them on a burgundy color base. The color tone is already used in various places at Augustusburg Castle (guidance system, maps). The design thus fits into the location in a visually coherent way.

Direct contact for Campaigns & Branding

Swana Sobottka

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