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On behalf of the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH
Period 2020–22


  • Information design
  • Packaging Design
  • 3D

For over ten years and a million units sold, tiptoi has been an integral part of children's rooms. Ravensburger asked us to redesign the entire packaging to achieve a higher immersion and more emotional appeal. The redesign was tested throughout its various stages of development by the target demographic. Our revised design clearly and authentically reflects the educational, haptic edutainment that tiptoi stands for.

"The team at ungestalt understands its customers, even between the lines. Thinks clearly and quickly recognizes what is important to us."

Denis Hafner, Art Director tiptoi, Ravensburger Verlag GmbH

ReDesign Packaging

Phase 1: Developing the title together in an iterative process

For an extended market research process on the part of our client, we developed five graphically different approaches for the new packaging layout.  Our challenge: To create a diversity of elements (mandatory information, info icons, multilingual text modules) and assemble them in a memorable design framework. This framework should be flexible enough to handle a variety of graphic content. At the same time, this framework should be applicable to end products with different formats and design areas (starter set, single game, book formats).


Phase 2: Determine title design and develop book title

After testing the products, two favourites stood out. We developed them further and sent them in for the final round of market testing. Ravensburger decided on the winning version, which we then polished into a visual toolbox for the entire range of products. Ravensburger's inhouse team now uses this open template data in their publishing house.


Phase 3: Packaging has many sides

We then implemented the final design on the entire packaging. We had to decide how much information to show on the narrow side panels to recognize and assign the product. Also, how much information is needed on the back to understand the game principle. Working alongside game editors and marketers, we use design to find visual solutions for image, graphic, and text content. 


Headline for Individual Titles

Logos for Single Titles

We have been developing the word and image marks for individual tiptoi book titles since 2021. We design strong character word marks with bold forms and illustrative elements that blend harmoniously into the overall layout. The logos are also usable in multiple languages.


Becoming More Accessible

Icons and Color System of the UI Interface

Two elements enable the tiptoi magic: the tiptoi pen and an interface with simple symbols that allow for additional interactions. Improving on the original set, we developed a new set of icons. The new icons are clear and help to avoid confusion of use.


The Design in Use

tiptoi Toy Fair Stand 2022

The new product design has been gradually rolling out since 2022. For a presentation at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, we planned and developed the trade fair stand design with the help of 3D visualizations. On top of that, we delivered formulated plan drawings for the construction of the stand.


Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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