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Design tiptoi

On behalf of Ravensburger Verlag GmbH
Period 2022
  • Branding
  • Informationsdesign
  • Packaging Design

Following the successful visual refresh of its successful tiptoi brand, Ravensburger is relaunching existing titles while also expanding the available game selection. In tiptoi Quiz, the winner is whoever knows the right answers in a tournament against the question cards.

The eye plays with you

Task and approach

In close cooperation with the art direction of tiptoi, we developed a contemporary interactive card game series for six to ten-year-olds. In the process, we worked together on a well-rounded project: fine-tuned a cohesive series of packages, developed the logo for the Quiz series brand, iteratively worked out a functional and intuitive card design, and developed the layouts for the individual card motifs.

What we learn here

Challenges and solutions

The card interface design as the central communication point of the game series can be quickly grasped and learned and remains modularly expandable for any topics. At the same time, it offers the greatest possible space for illustrations on a print area optimized for production. The diverse illustration style planned in the briefing is brought to a reduced visual form in several rounds of coordination, which harmoniously reproduces as many data sources (photos, graphics) as possible.

Direct contact for Illustration & Animation

Maximilian Satzinger

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