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On Behalf of Die Texterkolonie
Period 2022–2023
Coding netzGiraffe, Leipzig
  • Concept
  • Branding
  • Screendesign

The Texterkolonie, based in Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden, delivers editorial contributions and creates content for print and online marketing. The company has grown considerably and has received a catchy rebranding from us.

Show the essentials

Concept Corporate Re-Design

The people behind Texterkolonie are treating themselves to a well-deserved refresh after 10 years. The new design incorporates changes in viewing habits and user behavior, as well as the clear representation of the natural self-confidence as communication professionals. In doing so, we take the logical step towards a digital-first presentation: the design is clearly reduced with a renunciation of the previous, narrative corporate image. The logo reflects these changes reduced to the essentials.

Giving words their stage

Screen design for best readability

We think and design the screen design from the point of view of benefit: quickly comprehensible, catchy texts are the core service of the company. These should be read as easily and calmly as possible – regardless of the end device. We deliver a conveniently usable design framework: clear, tidy, with a contemporary look and feel. Generous use of colors and typography define the design. And because they are text professionals, of course the text lengths are also right for a perfect layout <3

Direct contact for Branding & Digital

Fabian Dornhecker

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