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Struwwel­peter special exhibition

On behalf of Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg
Period 2022
  • Exhibition design
  • Exhibition graphics

The special exhibition Der Struwwelpeter – zwischen Faszination und Kinderschreck presents the original stories and contemporary artistic interpretations of the most successful and probably most controversial children's book in German literature. Karin Kanter and her team from the Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg curated the exhibition, and we were on hand to advise and design.

Rethinking the old

Starting point

This exhibition design was our first commission for a museum with a strong focus on auratic exhibit presentation- and with a net area of over 800 square meters, our largest exhibition to date. The multi-layered and sensitive topics demanded absolute sensitivity – also in the design. It was particularly challenging to bring the many differing types of content-related exhibits (expansive individual exhibits to small-scale groups of works, fabrics, everyday objects, photographs, sculptures, digital works, and physical and digital documentation) into an overall aesthetic context.

Direct contact for Scenography & Illustration

Jessica Sauter

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