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Elbe beaver touring exhibition

On behalf of NABU-Naturschutzstation Biberhof Torgau

Period 2023
  • Exhibition design
  • Illustration

NABU has been carrying out important educational work on the subject of nature conservation for many years, including the NABU nature conservation station Biberhof Torgau, which is particularly committed to increasing understanding and education on the subject of the Elbe beaver. Sensitizing young people to the protection of nature and its wildlife is just one of the many tasks and goals of the Biberhof. Tasks to which we also dedicate ourselves with pleasure and passion in projects.

Discovery fun meets knowledge transfer

Task and approach

We are developing a modular traveling exhibition, equipped with numerous exhibits that invite visitors to discover and touch. With their short, concise and witty anecdotes and texts, the four exhibition displays playfully convey knowledge about the life of the Elbe beaver. Our approach? Unconventional and not in the typical textbook look. Large illustrations and hidden details, distributed on different levels, give the displays depth and allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the world of the Elbe beaver.

As light as a feather

Challenge and solution

The traveling exhibition will be on the road throughout Saxony for an extended period of time. The displays must therefore be both light and quick to assemble and dismantle. We therefore chose to develop a plug-in system made of honeycomb cardboard. The system is numbered throughout and therefore easy to assemble. The lightweight material also makes it easy to move, transport and position the large displays as required.

Direct contact for Illustration & Campaigns

Franziska Wander

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