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Sticker series

We think some­how everyone likes stickers. We certain­ly love those small adhesive sur­faces: They are a wonderful way of depicting the different styles and charac­ters of our team. All those who work for and with ungestalt – including free­lancers and interns – can design their own sticker. There are no rules, only the format is given. Good for us, because this way we have a colour­ful selection of cheer­ful and impressive communi­cation aids. And if you've got a hanke­ring for stickers now, write to and get them for free. If you live in Leipzig, you can pick them up yourself at the Tapeten­werk. A nice side effect is that you get to know us and our office live (we are always happy to welcome visitors and new faces)! But of course we are also happy to within Germany at no extra charge. P.S. TIn the envelope there would also be room for our colour­ful  guiding principle postcards. Interesd?