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Pixelethics Art Project

Analogue 8-bit Pixelart Symbolism in Painting, Graphics, Sculpture

In 2016, Ivo Zibulla started his art-edu­cational project Pixel­ethics. He reinter­prets motifs from well-known 8-bit video game classics as representative of sins and virtues. They are distributed on stickers in pub­lic space to be dis­covered by chance. By re­ferring to the website the curious can find the motifs and their mea­ning online. A click leads directly to the Google search for the corresponding sin/virtue. pixel­ethics wants to en­courage people to engage with spi­ritual and ethical concepts in a playful way. In the course of a further development of the purely digitally existing pixel graphics and stickers, paintings in acrylic, sculp­tures and graphic works in various techniques were created.