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La Bolde Vita

Retail and Custom Type Design by Fabian Dornhecker

Since 2019, La Bolde Vita has served as a label for ex­peri­mental, conceptual type design. The young type foun­dry focuses on display typefaces with a strong personali­ty and idio­syncra­tic forms. At the same time, the fonts are high­ly functional and well-equipped in terms of character sets, OpenType features and alternatives. In addition to free­ly available retail fonts, so-called custom fonts are also developed: fonts specially tailored to brands and compa­nies that can fulfil functio­nal as well as aesthe­tic tasks.


“The oversized serifs are emphasised even more in Italic by consistently resisting the strong slant angle.”

Fabian Dornhecker, Samzara Typeface

“Dynamic and static are permanent antagonists and merge in the design, the alignment of which can be further adjusted through OpenType features.”

Fabian Dornhecker, Airo Typeface

“The visual language is an interplay of calligraphic experiments from a wide variety of eras, brought together in a contemporary guise.”

Fabian Dornhecker, Unzyale Typeface