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Learning course species protection

On behalf of Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH
Period 2023
Realization ScheinWelt, Leipzig
  • Exhibition design
  • Learning stations
  • Prototyping

Africa in the Lüneburg Heath – the 220-hectare Serengeti Park Hodenhagen has been located here since 1974. With its combination of spacious, natural and drivable animal enclosures and attractions, it is unique in Europe. We are asked to implement a learning course on species conservation.

Learning species conservation in an entertaining way

Task and approach

Based on a concept, we develop ten thematically independent learning stations that highlight various aspects of species conservation within an animal park. The design realization takes place in a playful and entertaining way with regard to the stronger experiential character of the park. The individual stations planned and realized by us meet the contemporary requirements of analog interactive knowledge transfer. Due to the tight schedule, we successfully implemented one part of the stations in time for the start of the season. The second part will be developed and installed by the autumn vacations.

What we learn here

Challenges and solutions

Due to the tight schedule from commissioning to the start of the season, we implemented the project in record time of just a few months. During the off-season, a lot of expansion and maintenance work is implemented in the park. The coordination with the construction and landscaping company active on site succeeds without any problems.

Direct contact for Scenography & Print

Torsten Schaumburg

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